From 1976
Glass Artisans

The Vetreria Cappelletti e Roleri s.r.l. was born on 1st October 1976 from the experience and foresight of Giorgio Roleri and Carlo Cappelletti, simple workers of the glass industry.

Driven by their passion and shared values Giorgio and Carlo started to earn an important reputation among the new realities on Piacenza’s territory, especially in the construction sector.
In 1987 the Vetreria Cappelletti e Roleri, together with their eight employees, took the decision to expand their production site and installed a production line specialized in insulating glass walls, the first in the entire territory.

In the same years, as the Vetreria welcomed the new generations of glassmakers, Davide Cappelletti and Massimo and Claudio Roleri became part of the company. Looking up to their fathers and their passion, they continued the activity in the construction sector and expanded it to
new industries. Thanks to the new technological advancement, glass became a popular and versatile material for façades, leading in the last twenty years to the realisation of huge glass surfaces and important projects.

The sons’ intuition led to an increase of the business and the need to buy new machineries for more specialized productions, therefore, the production site needed to be expanded again. For these reasons, the Vetreria moved to its actual location in Via Berlinguer, Settima (PC) and its workforce counted 15 employees.

In 2005 the EUROTHERM brand was born, which guarantees that the production is certified by the experimental glass station and compliant with the European regulations.

In 2007 the Vetreria Cappelletti e Roleri achieved its first huge milestone, earning the UNI Labelling for its glass walls.

In 2010 there was the installation of a new production line which allows the manufacturing of insulated double-glazings of huge dimensions up to L5000xH2700.

This new addition allowed the production of structural glass walls for façades compliant with UNI regulations and adhesion testing, carried on before, during and after the production. All these tests are DOWN CORNING and SCHUECO certified.

The new tomorrow

Today the Cappelletti e Roleri has achieved a great production peak which has allowed a further expansion of the company not only on the national territory, but abroad as well. Today the Vetreria is present in France, South Africa, England and Morocco and plans even more countries!

In 2019 the company welcomes a new associate, part of the M.G.M firm, which gave us more continuity in our development path.

We are very proud to announce that since February 2021 our Vetreria Cappelletti e Roleri has been recognized a new important certification which will give us access to the US market: The INSULATING GLASS IGCC CERTIFICATION COUNCIL – IGMA INSULATING GLASS MANUFATURERS ALLIANCE.

We our ready to grow and improve ourselves every day in our founders footsteps, to guarantee our company a brighter future..