CSI is the reference point for the certification of the conformity of materials, products, systems, and firms. It is a technology hub with a team of 400 engineers, physicists, and microbiologists, who test the quality of the products in their testing laboratories. One of the products that are being tested daily in these laboratories is the EN 1279 glass, the one used to build insulating glass walls. The testing of this glass has become mandatory from 1st July 2013, after the issuing of the UE Regulation n. 305/2011. This regulation states that all the main products used in a construction project (from the basic parts to the fireproof devices) must have the CE labelling. The CE labelling can be placed directly on the product, on the packaging or delivered together with the other commercial documents, and, based on the kind of product we are delivering, needs to be accompanied by the Declaration of Performance (DoP). With these two documentations the producer is committed to provide a product which is compliant with the performances declared in the DoP. Moreover, the CE labelling allows the product to be shipped to all the UE countries, as it certifies that it has the all the necessary requirements. Depending on the type of product that carries the CE labelling, there could be the need for a specific Notified Body (NB) to carry out some inspections. These inspections are needed to make sure that the production sites are always controlled and safe and that the producer carries the essential internal inspections of the factory (FPC – Factory Production Control). Vetreria Cappelletti e Roleri has been recognized the UNI Certification since January 2017 and the lastest renewal arrived in January 2021. The code of our UNI Certification is: UNI EN 1279: 2018 parts 1;2; 3 e 4.


The Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) is a no profit society which was founded in New York in 1977 as an answer to the ever-growing requests made by architects, to improve the quality and performances of the insulating glass walls that were being used on commercial and residential buildings nationwide. The goal of this project was to attract the commercial interest of the public, by encouraging the producers to maintain the highest standard of excellence in the production of insulating glass walls. The products would be periodically inspected and tested by impartial administrators and laboratories IGCC approved. Only six Italian firms are IGCC certified and the Vetreria Cappelletti e Roleri in among them! The IGCC Certification is referred to the insulating glass walls with integrated blinds, and this is something that makes our company even more unique, as it is the only one in Italy to have it and that there is only one other competitor in the world! This certification that we have been given in January 2021, allows our products to be recognized and, therefore, exported in the US market as well.


All our products are CEE labelled which certifies the compliance to the European regulations and allows them to be exported to the UE countries.