Our Strength


Which allows us to fulfil our clients’ requests and needs. We use our passion and experience to create and assemble our double glazing, which we then deliver to all of Italy and even the world. We are always at our clients’ service thanks to our incredible Customer Service, which has over 30 years’ experience.


Our high production standard it is a guarantee for our clients that the can move our glass walls in absolute safety. Our insulating glass walls are made respecting the regulations of every country and once the product will be successfully delivered, we will proceed to certify it.


“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is future, today is a gift: that is why it is called a present.” Creating new realities and finding new ideals to improve our prospects, this is how we leave our past behind to give voice to our future. Our company is always researching new innovative products and our latest innovation is the glass wall with integrated blinds, which gives our clients the possibility to regulate the shading and comfort of his house. To produce this amazing product, we collaborate with our life-long partner and market leader Pellini Industrie.

Quality and services

We have been producing glass walls since 1986 and we always guarantee our clients a tailored assistance. Today we can count on important international certifications, such as UNI Certification for Italy, and IGCC/IGMA Certification for the US and the countries that use the same quality standards. We are also currently working to get the CEKAL Certification for the French market. Another of our strong points we offer our clients is the assistance during the installation of big glass walls with the help of adequate machineries and qualified teams. Our Technical Office can assist you from the initial project through to the installation of glass walls with integrated blinds Screenline, balustrades, projecting roofs and staircases.

A group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible.