Residential & Interior design

A good design is obvious,
but the greatest design is transparent.

Our main goal is to fulfil our clients’ dreams and for this reason, we offer as well personalised internal design products. According to our client’s wishes, we are able to realise staircases, balconies, swimming pools, glass walls, sliding doors and a lot more!
Thank to our products you will be able to combine refinement and elegance and give more light and dimension to your indoor spaces.

We assemble and install the staircases we produce. The material we use is the following:


– EVODR adjustable spacers in steel with 50 diameter or defender profile

– floor fastening or frontal foundation

Our parapets are designed by our technical office according to our clients’ needs.

The glasses we use to build our swimming pools are all part of the so called ‘armoured glasses’ family, but the exact type of glass will be decided together with the client based on the water capacity needed.

Our balconies are made with 10+10 or 8+8 layered tempered glasses, which are resistant to the atmospheric agents. Specific needs and uses will be discussed only after we inspected the site.