Is Eleonora Roleri, who speaks on behalf of the Vetreria Cappelletti e Roleri, a historic Italian glassmaker.

“These words”, she continues, “perfectly represent who we are and how each one of us contributes to the growth of this company, which was created in 1976 by our grandparents, and is the source of great successes and achievements”.

Here are a few interesting questions:

1) How do you see the glassmaker’s market in the next five years?

As much as we are unsure about what the future holds for us, there is one thing we are very sure about: we will continue growing and improving our brand. We believe that in the next future we will see more synergy and collaborations among glassmakers with different specializations. Unfortunately, there are high chances that the smaller realities will have less space for bigger collaborations and will therefore be relegated to smaller markets and jobs.

2) Which new technologies can be expected in the residential market?

We believe that the residential market has already see incredible innovations. Let’s just think of the quality and standards that the big multinational corporations use to produce their glasses. These glasses can guarantee a high performance both in summer and winter time and the consequential lowering the emission of glasshouse gases.

3) In lights of the new regulations on energy savings, what are the advantages of inserting the blinds inside the glass walls?

The energy saving potential of this product is definitely one of its main strengths. The integrated blinds, placed inside the glass walls, block and filter the heath before it reaches the indoor space, hence strongly reducing the costs of the air conditioning.

4) What is the position of your company towards innovation in the current market?

We are getting ready to improve our production with more technological systems and high-performance softwares, which could work in synergy with the production unit. We believe that now is the time for the new 4.0 company.

We would like to thank Eleonora Roleri for agreeing to feature in our magazine and taking the time to speak on behalf of the Vetreria Cappelletti e Roleri on their history and their vision of the future market.